Whether you’re a complete beginner wanting to learn your first song, or you’ve been playing for years and are looking to reach that next level;

Here at PorterBass, we can help you do just that!

All ages and skill levels are welcome. Lessons are tailored to what YOU want to learn. If you’re:

– Looking to play the music of your favourite musicians

– Wanting to learn more impressive techniques on your instrument

– Considering brushing up on your music theory knowledge

– Wanting to solo, improvise or create your own music.

We can cater to you!


We can also help if you’re taking music at GCSE, A Level, BTEC or Degree level – and need some help preparing for exams.


If you’re looking to take grades – we cover ABRSM, Trinity and Rockschool for both practical and theory exams.

Lessons can be held in the fully equipped studio room displayed at the top of the screen, based in Handsworth, Sheffield.


We can also travel to you for a small amount of extra cost. Details can be found in the Prices section.


If distance or safety is an issue, we also provide video lessons via either Skype or Zoom.

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What are you looking for?

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Bass Guitar Lessons

  • All the basics including left and right hand technique, note knowledge, and learning the fretboard.
  • A wide variety of songs from all styles including Rock, Pop, Funk, Soul, Jazz, Blues and more.
  • Intermediate and advanced techniques such as Slap Bass, Tapping, Harmonics, 3 Finger Plucking, Pick Playing and Chords.
  • Improvisation, soloing, walking bass and bassline construction.
  • How to read music using notation, tab, chord charts and intervals.

Double Bass Lessons

  • Techniques including pizzicato and bow playing, vibrato, legato, slap bass, and positional playing.
  • Many different styles such as Classical, Jazz, Bluegrass, Rockabilly and Rock ‘N’ Roll.
  • How to walk the bass effectively and navigate the fingerboard without getting lost.
  • Improve intonation and learn how to improvise.
  • Improve your music reading skills.

Electric and Acoustic Guitar

  • All of the basics such as using a plectrum and fingerpicking, knowing the music notes, and finding them on the fretboard.
  • All genres of music including Rock, Metal, Reggae, Blues, Jazz, and many more.
  • Playing a variety of chords in different places, and understanding how they’re put together.
  • How to create your own solos, and learn some from your favourite guitarists.
  • A variety of techniques including Barring, Vibrato, Tapping, and Harmonics.
  • Reading and understand chord charts, tab and notation.


  • Playing with the left and right hands, and building co-ordination to be able to use both at the same time.
  • Reading both the treble and bass clefs, and recognising the difference between them.
  • Understanding how to build chords and how key signatures work.
  • Learning how to improvise and compose.
  • Many genres of music including classical and jazz, rock and pop and even movie soundtracks.


  • Strumming, picking and fretting techniques
  • Playing a variety of chords, and learning about the most commonly used ones.
  • Learning famous ukulele songs and also creating versions of popular songs on the ukulele.
  • Understanding how to read chord charts and music.

Music Theory

  • Learning all the music notes including sharps and flats.
  • Understanding how Key Signatures work and how they are used for song construction and improvisation.
  • Finding the different types of chords and where they belong in a key.
  • Discovering the modes and where they can be played.
  • Recognising different Time Signatures and how to play along to them.
  • Reading music, chord charts and intervals.
  • Understanding more advanced theory such as Harmonic and Melodic Minors, modal interchange and chord substitution, and chord extensions and tensions.


For lessons at the Handsworth studio or online

60 minutes………………………£20 per lesson

30 minutes………………………£13 per lesson


Lessons can also be held at yours if it’s more convenient. There will be an extra charge of 50p per mile from the studio location, to cover travelling time and fuel costs.

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My 8 year old daughter had desperately wanted to learn the guitar for a couple of years and it was pure luck that we managed to find Adam. Bella absolutely adores her lessons and we are all so proud and amazed at the progress that she is making under his nurturing and patient care. We are lucky that Adam travels to us for each session and he genuinely feels like one of the family now. I honestly can not recommend Adam enough!! Many thanks Rachel (mum to Bella)

Rachel Appleton / Parent of Guitar Student

My son loves going to his lessons with Adam and has learnt a lot in such a short space of time. Highly recommend

Hannah Godfrey / Parent of Guitar Student

Highly recommended, explains everything clearly and concisely. Great knowledge of all genres of music and playing styles. Also keeps the learning fun and interesting. Noticeable improvement in my playing after only a few weeks.

Russell Graham / Bass Guitar Student
Double Bass 1
Bass 2
Bass 1
Frome 3